Deadly Sunda Tsunami Rise To 229 Died, Marc Marquez-Mesut Oezil Wrote Condolences – Marc Marquez and Mesut Oezil convey their condolences over Tsunani victims in Sunda Strait via Their Medcos account.

Deadly tsunami disaster hit and got swept Anyer and Lampung area

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Saturday, (22/12/2018) Evening 21 30 pm upto 23.30 pm +7 GMT.

Offcials says, Sunday (23/12), victims rise to 229 died.

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Bisides, as informed there are 408 missing, 720 injured and 4.411 people refugeed.

This tragedy attracts an attention popular MotoGP, Marquez. His written in Indonesian Bahasa Marquez hopes they whom got this magnificient impact got blessing and strenght.

” To Indonesian, especially whom got the disaster please just take my symphaty and be strong, live must go on”, the Repsol Honda Racer wrote on his personal twitter account.

“The same symphatical expression also has been written by Arsenal Midfielder, Mesut Oezil says that he hopes all victims will be recovered soon.

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“Respinding to Bad news from Indonesia victims family of the tsunami disaster could be strong and those who are injured in short will be recovered and be healhty as well”, Oezil wrote.

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