The Unemployment Reduction, Banyuasin Govt Hosted ‘Job Fair 2019’

Banyuasin, – “Seeing the antusiasm of the job seekera at this Job Fair, we are targeting for the next recent years, to invite all companies which dwell in Banyuasin to participate Job Fair, for sure local govt will provide the requirement”, said the Head of local govt district Banyuasin as is mentioned Bupati, Askolani in his coming to see the running of Job Fair, of where is the job seekers and job providers or employers met which is hosted by Banyuasin Local Government, Wed, 11/09.

As he explained that this event is good moment of where those job seekers and companies might meet each orher at once.

“I take the guaranted, this Job Fair will be conducted transparantly and no fake at all”, said Askolani.

Futhermore, the leader of it is as mention the Land od Sedulang Setudung (United in Diversity respecting among others) explained that the job fair 2019 is to assist Job seekers who are originally living in Banyuasin area to seek for job by applying at 17 companies develop in Banyuasin.

He also mention that he is aware of the unemployment rate in his area and hopes this event is a great idea to reduce unemployment that will bear to reduce poverty in Banyuasin.District.

Seeing from the crowd of 3000 mass of job hunters flocking into the job fair which was hosted by Local Employment Affair Office, in Hall Building Sedulang Setudung, Banyuasin Govt.

H Askolani, along with Vise Bupati H Slamet and Pj Local Govt Secretary Dr H M Senen Har, the head of employment office affair, Noor Yoseft Zaath conducted supervision of Job Fair.

According to H Askolani from 3000 job seekers applying at 17 companies, of those will be moved to next process of recruitment only 970 to follow ruled step of the company they apply.

He also explaied in his statement that his local govt has provide and design Job Trainning in Official Local Govt Job Training Center
(BLK) budgeted National Development and Planning Budgeting of this annual budged, 2019 is for 640 participant.

” The BLK, Training Center is providing a work training for Original Banyuasin Youth to make them well trained and having skills to be ready to work”, Askolani declared closing his short statement.

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